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NEA SEE Conference 2011 I'm really excited to be working with the folks at NEA SEE once again. I'll be heading to the Windy City this weekend and providing them some ideas for iPad use in professional...


This Week in Android Apps Just thought I'd share the apps on my Android phone. I use a Samsung Captivate, rooted to run Android 2.2 because AT&T and Samsung can't get along long enough to...


iPad: Consumption or Creation? About six months ago, I posted a note to my network asking people if the iPad was only a consumption device or if would ever been seen as a truly productive device for creation....


Google Chrome - Faster and Cloudier I debated where to write this post because I wanted it to reach the right audience. I settled on using my personal blog to reach a more general audience. Typically, I...


Networking in 2011: A Resolution to Innovate and Educate As an educator, I find myself looking to the end of a calendar year in June. This year, I had the realization that I should look at December as the end of my year and January...


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NEA SEE Conference 2011

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I’m really excited to be working with the folks at NEA SEE once again. I’ll be heading to the Windy City this weekend and providing them some ideas for iPad use in professional communication as well as some updates from Twitter’s latest changes.  Stay tuned for an update including my presentations and any relevant links.


Twitter Updates 2011: Learn what’s new in Twitter and available applications.Discuss how short–form communication is being used to create long–form communications. Examine best practices of NEA affiliates and other online strategists. Refresh yourself on the do’s and don’ts of Twitter, and how to get the most out of Twitter as a power user by creating feeds for varied content. Download presentation here.

iPad UnConference: Whether you’re an iPad user or not, this session will be a general hands on and open use cases for iPad in communication. Bring your iPad and share your favorite apps with the group and learn more about note taking, event organzing and more apps you just can’t live without. You’re sure to leave this session installing the latest and greatest applications. Download presentation here.



The State Education Editors (SEE) group is comprised of communications professionals who work in the state affiliates of the National Education Association and at the NEA. There are more than 135 members nationwide, and they work as editors, graphic designers, Webmasters, writers and public relations professionals. Through printed and electronic media, SEE members communicate the importance of quality public education and association membership to teachers, education support professionals, parents, politicians and community members. SEE is governed by a four-member executive committee, which is elected by the membership during an annual business meeting.

Read Across America Gets High Tech in 2011

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Most educators know that March 2 is Read Across America day, a day that is also Dr. Seuss’ birthday. While it isn’t typically thought of as a day filled with technology enriched activities, it has become so thanks to the availability of web conferencing, social media, and even blogs.

www.readacrossamerica.org is the central location for all events and activities related to this one day. Those of you willing to make a pledge to read with your students can do so online using this year’s pledge form. Using a Google Maps interface, users can see how many pledges have been made in each state across the nation.

Schools fortunate enough to embrace social media can “Like’ Read Across America on their Facebook page. There’s a Twitter conversation already in the works, a Flickr stream ready to accept photos, and a SchoolTube channelchock full of videos. It’s exciting to see an event like this organized reading day evolve into so many interesting projects.

In the last couple of years, schools have even taken to Skype calls to have authors call in to a class and read to students. This is something that only a few fortunate schools in the country could afford to do in a traditional face to face scenario. Teachers have even buddied up with other classes to read to each other from around the country and across the globe. The Skype In Schools community recently decided to post a RAA page. This was something decided upon by the members of the group, and not a direction taken by the administrators of the site.

Random House has created an online gallery of resources to help direct ideas for Read Across America with the support of the National Education Association.

So what are you doing this year? Do your plans include a more technology enriched collaborative effort? If so, please share your ideas in the comments below. Happy Reading!