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NEA SEE Conference 2011 I'm really excited to be working with the folks at NEA SEE once again. I'll be heading to the Windy City this weekend and providing them some ideas for iPad use in professional...


This Week in Android Apps Just thought I'd share the apps on my Android phone. I use a Samsung Captivate, rooted to run Android 2.2 because AT&T and Samsung can't get along long enough to...


iPad: Consumption or Creation? About six months ago, I posted a note to my network asking people if the iPad was only a consumption device or if would ever been seen as a truly productive device for creation....


Google Chrome - Faster and Cloudier I debated where to write this post because I wanted it to reach the right audience. I settled on using my personal blog to reach a more general audience. Typically, I...


Networking in 2011: A Resolution to Innovate and Educate As an educator, I find myself looking to the end of a calendar year in June. This year, I had the realization that I should look at December as the end of my year and January...


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